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Pet Vaccinations

Often, pet owners are hesitant to get kitten or puppy shots because of the perception that over-vaccination with cat vaccines or dog vaccines causes disease. As well, some people believe indoor house cats do not need to get regular cat shots because they are not outdoors. But even indoor pets can, and do, contract potentially fatal viral or bacterial diseases if not properly vaccinated. Just like MMR (measles, mumps & rubella) vaccines in people, pet vaccinations have greatly reduced the incidence of fatal diseases of dogs and cats. Many of the diseases that historically would kill our pets are now prevented because of pet vaccines. Additionally, contrary to what some people believe, Rabies is still present in Alberta – there have been recent confirmed cases of Rabies in Alberta. Rabies is fatal in all mammals (people are mammals too!) and there is no treatment once symptoms are present. People believe that house cats are safe, but the most common source of Rabies is bats. Bats do commonly get into homes and can contact these pets.

When To See Your Vet For Pet Vaccinations

Both puppy shots and kitten shots are a series of three vaccines one month apart, usually starting at 6-8 weeks of age. They are then boosted at the one-year anniversary of the last vaccine in the series of three. After initial dog shots or cat shots, Properties Animal Clinic vets will discuss the lifestyle of the pet with the owner and decide which pet vaccinations should be done. We recommend examinations be done yearly for young pets and every six months for pets generally over 9 years old. While some people do not want to come in for examinations because they are afraid of what the vet will find, this is false logic as the disease will still be there whether they come in or not.  The benefit of coming to see your vet is that he can help cure the disease. And, the sooner they come to see the vet, the easier it is for him to do this.

Vaccination Services Offered

  • Standard puppy shots (vaccinations) & kitten shots (vaccinations)
  • Specialty dog vaccines and cat vaccines
  • Pet vaccination counselling (Properties Animal Clinic counsels all patients on which pet vaccines are appropriate for their animal during the examination)
  • International pet vaccinations for the UK Pet travel scheme and other international destinations

To make an appointment for your pet's vaccinations, contact Properties Animal Clinic today.

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