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While less common concerns for most pet owners, there are a variety of dog and cat health problems that you should see your vet regularly for in order to prevent potentially serious issues for your pet. These include ear infections, diseases that may have been contracted while travelling out of province, and emerging tick borne disease, among others. Many of these less known-about dog or cat illnesses can be life-threatening or cause long-term conditions. For example, in the case of urethral obstruction, immediate treatment is essential to avoid complications that can cause death very quickly. Additionally, untreated ear infections are a source of pain, which can result in aggression, loss of hearing and usually indicate an underlying allergy. Cat and dog urinary tract infections often go untreated because the pet does not show signs that it is in discomfort until much later in the course of the disease.  It is essential to have your pet examined by an experienced professional vet regularly in order to check for these cat or dog health problems.

When To See Your Vet For Other Health Services

Normally, pets need to be examined yearly when they are young and every six months when over 9 years old to prevent many common dog or cat illnesses. Additionally, you should bring your pet in to be examined and prepped by a veterinarian before he or she travels anywhere. If you have any cat or dog health questions or suspect your pet might have any of the above dog or cat health issues, please don’t hesitate to contact Properties Animal Clinic for advice or to schedule a full examination.

Other Veterinary Services Offered

  • Counselling on travel related disease
  • Diagnosis of new dog or cat symptoms
  • Tick prevention
  • Medical and nutritional treatments for ear infections
  • Feline urinary tract infection treatment
  • Prevention and treatment of numerous other dog and cat illnesses

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