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We value our clients' experience at Properties Animal Clinic. If your pet or animal is currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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The Doctors at Properties Animal Clinic

May 10/18 - Amanda Smith:

"I have so much gratitude for Dr. Morley and his team! They are the most kindest group of people who do an amazing job with caring for not only your fur-babies needs, but also the needs of yourself. The atmosphere is truly a delight from the moment you enter the door. The staff are very knowledgeable and compassionate and its obvious they adore your pets as much as you do! In my opinion, Properties Animal Clinic deserves the utmost outstanding recognition of excellence for all they do and achieve as a team! Thank you Properties Animal Clinic for all your care and dedication!"

Feb 5/18 - Kerri Jo Sawka:

"I really love this clinic. The staff are always so helpful and accommodating. They are genuine animal lovers, and I always feel like my cats are in the best hands. I really appreciate all of the time and dedication you provide at every visit to making sure my cats are well taken care of and my questions are answered. Thank you very much for your exceptional work."

Jan 31/18 - Sheri Tsang:

"I absolutely love Dr Morley and the staff! We walk in & they know us. Take time to explain everything - twice if they have to. But most of all the care they show to my cat! Nothing beats that!!"

Jan 29/18 - Harold Hvingelby:

"I am 100% pleased with the service I receive from Properties Animal clinic. The staff is friendly and always take the time to inquire about us and our pets. I would recommend this clinic to all my friends and family."

Jan 18/18 - Lynn Eshom:

"My husband and I appreciate the professional way everything is handled at the Properties Animal Clinic. The staff is friendly, helpful and caring. Dr. Morley is a very knowledgeable, thorough, veterinarian who stays on top of the latest medical research. Thanks everyone!"

Jan 17/18 - Dana Bryer:

"I’ve had the pleasure of being a client for approximately 18 years. Even though I live NOWHERE close anymore I wouldn’t consider going anywhere else. Thanks Dr. Morley!"

Jan 2/18 - Robert Yu:

"We have been seeing Dr. Morley since he started at the clinic. The staff are professional and friendly and knowledgeable. I trust Kent with everything to do with our 3 dogs and recommend Properties Animal Clinic to everyone."

Deborah Jorgenson

"I brought my very active Australian Shepherd (Newton) to see Dr. Morley after he cut himself badly at the park. This very well-run clinic had an "emergency spot" available so they saw him and fixed his paw that very same day. The staff at the clinic followed him very carefully every few days until he was fully healed. They even gave me the option of doing his dressing changes at home but were happy to take them on when it wasn't working out so well for us. I was worried because Newton gets anxious and growls around new people but the clinic staff were so good with him. They really know how to read and interact with animals. Newton and I were always greeted warmly by Emily at the front desk. The vet nurse Shannon did a perfect dressing change every time, and so quickly too! she made sure to put fun summer stickers on it. Basically, everyone at this clinic is so darn nice and professional. They even helped me with insurance paperwork. I'm lucky to have found them for my little guy!"

Maggie Scott

"I have been a very long time pet parent & client at Properties Animal Clinic - from the original location on Whitehorn Drive (1981). My dogs have been seeing Dr. Morley from the time they were first with me. My oldest was 3 months old, he is 4. Couldn't be happier with Dr Morley's & his staff's care and friendliness. Some come and go to be replaced by equally amazing staff. Emily at the front end. She sure shows her love of animal. They all do. My dig guy is a real wimp - not ready to warm up to Dr. Morley, however always is on his best behaviour. My younger girl, an epileptic shepherd cross has had some trials and issues. Dr. Morley takes really good care of her and is so calm in his approach. I truly feel that they all have my animal's welfare foremost. He did suggest when I got Pearl that I might consider pet insurance for both. I took the first 30 day trial for free... and am glad he suggested it. I would highly recommend Dr. Morley and his staff."

Michelle Williams

"We are relatively new pet owners having welcomed our Black Lab into our family just over a year ago. W arrived as an 8 week old puppy and our relationship with Properties Animal Clinic began shortly there after. Dr Morley is exceptionally knowledgeable, friendly and works beautifully with our girl and her owners. They always help us check all the boxes ensuring she is as happy and healthy as possible and there is always a follow up call if we have needed to visit an animal hospital in an emergent situation following up on W's care and answering any questions. Office is always a pleasant place to be, support staff and always cheery and helpful, Dr M even gave my kids a tour to address any interests and anxieties about where W was being looked after. Highly, Highly recommend."

Alex Blackman-Mitchell

"Wonderful people that totally care about my pets like they are my children - offer timely appointments and service with smiles at all times! Dr. Morley has looked after all my pets for many years, and I will go there always no matter where I live in the city!"

Jenn Lovasz

"I have been with Dr. Morley for years. He is a family man with a big heart. I find him very knowledgeable and gives you options and recommendations with no pressure on which one to do. He truly cares about the well being of my dog. I'm so glad I found him for all my fur babies medical needs. Thank you so much Dr. Morley and also thank you to your staff for helping me and Cody."

Sara Beara  5 star
"We are very pleased with Properties Animal Clinic. All the staff have been very welcoming and extremely helpful (above and beyond). We have an adopted, mature dog that gets very stressed when in a new environment and when meeting new people. Dr. Morley and the whole team were patient, kind and effective. Our needs were met well and we are confident that we've found a great new partner in providing care to Mr. Barks-a-Lot (aka Barker Bear). Thank you PAC! :-)"

Daina Jones  5 star

"As a breeder we have seen many vets over the years it has always been a struggle to find great thorough and trust worthy vets but after our 1st visit to see Dr Morley with the puppies this week I must say I was very impressed with everything! 
The staff was great the Doc was great ...i will recommend this clinic to my clients from now on!
Keep up the good work Properties"

Paulette, Daryl and Saffron Slade

“We initially arrived at Properties Animal Clinic, on the advice of a friend, seeking a second opinion on unusual and debilitating symptoms our Scottish Terrier was experiencing.  They came highly recommended and we discovered quickly why…the entire clinic is friendly, professional; the veterinarian is not only the most comforting and feeling vet we’ve ever
had – and we’ve had many dogs under good care - but technically the most superior veterinarian.  
We eventually lost our Scottish Terrier to a rare genetic disease and the entire clinic comforted us through our grief.  Dr. Morley was asked to go above and beyond his duty to send samples to a leading university in the USA, in order that we help develop a blood screen for this disease. Expenses were kept to a minimum in that the diagnosis was arrived at quickly.  During our dog’s illness, Dr. Morley offered to personally drive our dog to hospital, as I had just come out of hospital. This is what we call going above the everyday care, as the clinic staff and vets truly understand the place our pets have in our hearts.  
Dr. Morley encouraged us to purchase a mixed breed and she is our most loved ‘girlfriend’.  Properties continues to give her exceptional care and loves her to bits, as we do.  In addition, Dr. Morley is readily available to answer any questions or concerns, discuss and creatively come up with options to ensure our dog’s best care.  If he doesn’t know, he will investigate.  We live quite a distance away from Properties Animal Clinic but will travel any length to get their exceptional care.”

Melinda and Shannon Whalen-Wicks  (and our three beagles Jessie, Sammy and Jenny)
“Our 6-year old dog Jessie was acting withdrawn for several months.  We went to see Dr. Morley for her yearly check-up and when he examined her mouth, he suggested that we bring her in for a dental cleaning and check-up.  When she had her dental check-up, Dr. Morley found several teeth that had been fractured, so he removed them.  Immediately the day after Jessie’s appointment we saw a change in her behaviour.  She was like her old self!  She was no longer withdrawn and started to play with our other dog again.  We can’t thank Dr. Morley enough for suggesting that we bring Jessie in to get a dental check-up.” 

Shirley and Gary Whelen
“Dr. Morley and Staff,
Thank you from Brewster and his family for all the wonderful care he received from you throughout his life.
Shirley, Gary and Java Whelen”

Trevor and Wendy Thompson
“Dr. Morley and Staff,
Thank you so much for the donation you made for Tacoma.  We truly appreciate it.  You and your team are truly professional and the most kind hearted people we know.  You are the best at what you do.
Thank you.”

Emily Lattion

"Dear Dr. Morley and Staff,
Thank you so much for the wonderful care you gave our dog Max during and after his surgery.  It has made a huge difference in his energy level and his breath.  He seems happier than ever.
Thanks again and I would highly recommend this kind of care.
Yours truly,
Emily Lattion"

"This spring, we said goodbye to our wonderful dog Utah, and it was such an incredible comfort to have had the support we did from everyone at the clinic -- she was so well-treated throughout her entire life by Dr. Morley and the team.  The advice and support we got from everyone was really something and very much appreciated.  Later in the year, we introduced our new puppy, Indiana (yeah, it's a state-name thing), to Dr. Morley and all the advice, food recommendations, and training tips have been great!"   


Tracy, Brooks and Andy

Jason, Jarene and Savannah Hopko

"Kent, again, we can't thank you enough for what you did for Daisy.  You had faith when we did not, and you were right thank goodness!  We are glad to have Daisy home and know that we have you to thank for it.  So, thank you!

The Hopkos - Jason, Jarene, Savannah and Daisy"

Maria and Alan Byrne

"Dr. Morley and Staff,

Thank you for the excellent care you provide; always going over and beyond to ensure the best care for our pets.  An especially big thank you from Oscar.

Maria, Alan and the pack Fergus, Oscar, Billie, Dixie and Dazzle"

Kelly Johnston

"Dear Dr. Morley & Staff,

Thank you for taking such good care of Phoebe.  We really appreciate the extra special service we receive from all the staff.

Kelly and Phoebe Johnston"

Lorne and Lynne Frizzell

"We would like you to know how much we have appreciated all the care and attention you have provided to Jincks during his 13+ years with us.  You are truly masters at making each pet feel special and important and for that we are truly grateful.

We have also received a letter from the Dean of the University of Calgary Veterinary Medicine advising us of your donation to the Companion Animal Health Fund.  This is very generous of you and we thank you for the tribute to Jincks.


Lorne and Lynne Frizzell"


                   Autumn Sable

April Ancliffe Crawford

"I have been going to Properties Animal Clinic for over 20 years.  The staff is caring and compassionate.  My eleven cats keep them very busy"

Jill Woolridge

"The story of Bazzle the Brave.  Bazzle is a 12 year old Terripoo dog, weighing in a whopping 12 lbs. I woke up on a Sunday morning and noticed that Bazzle’s face was swollen.  I was hopeful it would correct itself by the following day it did not. Bazzle at this point only had about what I could only estimate was about 6 teeth he is of course feisty and would never let me look at his teeth.  Well of course by Monday his eye was pretty much swollen shut. I phoned the vet we usually go to out of town and they said they could look at him on Thursday. Ugh! This was something that I felt needed to be looked at right away. So I called another vet close by and they said their vet is out of town Ugh! But they did say that when that happens they recommend The Properties Animal Clinic. So I phoned and told them my sad tale and she said if I could be there by what seemed to me was lunch time, they could take a look at my little furry friend. So of course we were there right away. Dr.  Morley took a look at Bazzle and he agreed with me that our problem was probably caused by an abscess tooth. He talked with me for a while about how little old dudes like Bazzle could have special issues in surgery and that the recommendation was to take out  all of Bazzle’s remaining teeth. The cost estimate was given, I agreed.  He also took an x-ray, of Bazzle’s mouth to see if any of the roots from the teeth that were already gone were still there. Oh yes there were some that were also removed. Through the preliminary process we found out that Bazzle has a heart murmur. So I know that sounds scary but I have in the past had another dog who was 13 when I adopted him from a rescue organization he had a class 6 heart murmur and he had surgery to remove all of his teeth too and he lived until he was 18 or so. Bazzle’s heart murmur wasn’t that bad. So the next step was to have those teeth removed, and lucky for us there was an opening the next day.  Surgery day, the teeth were gone, the abscess was draining and the Dr. also removed the little lumps on Bazzle’s eyelids while he was under the anesthetic.  I went to pick up my furry little friend the Dr. went over the home care routine antibiotics etc., showed me the x-rays , gave me the teeth and took the time to explain things I didn’t understand and answer my questions. Presented me with the roughest looking dog on the planet I’m sure, and we went home. The first three days was about sleeping and eating not too much else. After that it has been all up hill. This little dog that looked so rough is back to his old self, he is actually  better than that,  he is like a puppy again(  running all over the place, trying to cause mischief with his furry family) obviously he is feeling better. AS for eating all we do is soak his food in water until it is soft and then we mush it with a fork (well after all he has NO teeth and he is still our little furry friend). Even though Bazzle really had no choice I still think he is Brave and it was very good decision to get his teeth looked after. Dr. Morley and the staff at the Properties Animal Clinic are very kind, very through and very caring, and the estimate was right on. No surprises. What a nice experience with a happy ending. I would recommend The Properties Animal Clinic for all of your Furry Family Care."

Ryan Fortier

"I wouldn't trust my lil guy's to anyone else other than Dr Morley and staff. All my family in Calgary bring them to Properties Animal Clinic no matter what part of the city they currently reside in. It's definitely worth the drive for the level of care they receive and compassion and expertise that Dr Morley provides. Highly recommended!"

Michele Hughes

"Dr Morley and his staff have been looking after my dogs for the past 7 years, and I would never dream of taking them somewhere else to be looked after! Each of the staff members is very well trained in what they do, and can answer even the silliest of questions that us parents of furry children can drudge up! I appreciate the fact that Dr Morley does not order tests or exams that aren't required...he is definitely in the job to look after our extended family members and NOT to rip us off and line his pockets with gold! Thank you for making Mercedes, bailey and I feel like part of your family, because all of you are also part of our family!"

Jennifer Bethune

"My dog has been going to Dr. Morley for around 9 years, and we have always had a fantastic experience at his clinic! Dr. Morley is very knowledgeable, and always willing to answer any questions. He also set up an amazing team for my dog's recent surgery, and all of the events leading up to it. We really appreciate that he is willing to collaborate with other professionals in order to find answers. The staff in Dr. Morley's office is friendly and exceptionally helpful. They are more than willing to facilitate insurance processes. They help fill prescriptions in-house or with pharmacies. Dr. Morley and his staff have strong communication with families. We would definitely recommend this clinic!"

John and Helen Wilkes

"Mick our 8 year old Schipperke came in for his regular check up.  Dr. Morley found a few problems with his teeth.  Mick came back and some of his teeth had to be removed.  It's now more than three weeks since then.  We have seen  Mick become more active and playful with his sister.  He also crunches his bedtime cookie with no problems.  Looking back we think Mick's teeth had been bothering him for a long time, but he wasn't really showing any discomfort."

Roger Rowley

"17 years and counting.  All of my pet have been looked after by Dr. Morley and Dr. Hannigan before him and their great staff.  They take a very proactive/preventative approach to animal care, which has been very effective for me and "my kids"!  I wouldn't even consider moving vets."

Ashley Toews

"Dear Properties Animal Clinic,

In 2007 my life changed when I was given an opportunity to become a dog owner. Khilo was only 3 months old when I first took him into my home, where he chewed, played  and made a mess to make it his own.

Dr Kent Morley and his team at Properties Animal Clinic, has watched him grow over the last 6 years and has taken extremely good care of him. They have always inspired me to do what’s best for him and to take the necessary steps in order to achieve optimal health and happiness for him.

Given the breed of Labrador/Great Pyrenees Khilo was genetically known to obtain hip dysplasia as he matured into an adult dog. Dr. Morley and his team kept a close eye on this issue and made sure that we take any necessary precautions and/or make changes to his lifestyle.

In April of 2013 Khilo’s weight hit a dangerous high of 107lbs which was challenging him with everyday activities and daytime fun. There were times when we had to carry Khilo up the stairs as he was in too much pain to do this on his own. Right away we got Khilo into Dr. Morley where he set up a weight loss schedule for Khilo and did x-rays of both hips.

After 4 months of Hill’s Prescription Diet Weight Management food and careful care Khilo has made it down to 91.2 lbs and is doing great. All though he has severe hip dysplasia in his left hip and moderate dysplasia in his right hip we are able to maintain his level of pain, so we can enjoy our daily activities once again.

A huge Thank you to Dr. Kent Morley and his wonderful team for continually doing an amazing job and always taking care of Khilo. I couldn’t have done it without you!

Best Regards,

Ashley Toews"                   

Julian Neumann

"Dr. Morley is awesome!  We just arrived to Calgary and after the three first months our dog got seriously ill.  Dr. Morley was extremely supportive and professional in helping us during all that process, but beyond that he was very empathetic and sensible.  Since we really trust him we performed, at his clinic, a major surgery to our dog and it couldn't be better in terms of the professionalism and service we received.  During the recovery process he was always checking (every day) in our dog's progress, and ultimately our pet is alive and healthy thanks to him.  I would highly recommend Dr. Morley as an excellent vet and as an awesome and friendly person as well."

Darlene Gordon

"We started at Properties Animal Clinic when Dr. Hannigan had his practice on Whitehorn Drive NE (mid-1980's).  Since that time our four dogs and one cat have been seen by Dr. Morley when he joined the practice on Temple Dr. and 52nd Street.  We have always looked forward to his pro-active and compassionate approach when he examined and treated our pets."

Tracey Duval

"We've been going to see Dr. Morley for about 4-5 years now.  You can see how much he and his staff love animals by the care and attention you receive every time.  I would highly recommend Properties Animal Clinic!"

Phil and Sheila Cresswell

"Phil and I would like to thank you, Shannon, Kerrie all your staff for the wonderful care you all took of Maggie when she was in for her recent appointment to have her teeth cleaned and her tooth extraction.

She is really well.  She bounced back quite quickly.  We are amazed at how much she is enjoying her food now.  We still have her on soft food for another week but her little dish is licked completely clean and she can't seem to get enough to eat.  It's a pleasure for us to see this with her. I do think she enjoying her food where before she was not interested at all." 

Rob and Fiona Yu

"We have been going to this clinic for many years and I would not consider having my dogs cared for by anyone other than Dr. Morley.  Him and his staff are fantastic."

Doug Milne

"Fantastic staff!!  Always a great experience!!"

Paul Karchut

"When my dog shattered her leg really badly as a puppy, I was referred to Dr. Morley.  I wound up having to go to his clinic a lot over the next couple of months to get her back up to speed.  But six years later, all his care and attention has clearly paid off.  Our dog is the fastest in the park and loving life.  Dr. Morley continues to take amazing care of all our animals (cat has entered the fold since).  Very much a shining review."

Keith and Cindy Szabo

"We consider Dr. Kent Morley to be the whole package as a veterinarian. He combines excellent knowledge, expertise and experience in veterinary medicine with kindness and genuine care for our cats and consideration for us as people. He never seems to tire of our questions and along with his friendly and helpful team has expertly treated and patiently guided us through all aspects of caring for our cats since our first visit to Properties Animal Clinic in 2001. We have moved twice within Calgary since 2001, each time further away from the clinic and continue to choose Properties because we have such a high opinion of and appreciation for Dr. Morley and his team. We highly recommend Properties Animal Clinic.

Joanne Wong

"I have been going to this vet not very long but I am already loving it. I have 3 adult cats and two of them have already been here. The first time I had adopted a cat from the Calgary Humane Society and came for a free check-up on the cat. The Vet was very knowledgeable and able to answer alot of my questions about care for her as she was a different breed then my other ones. When I asked questions about my other cat to see if she was healthy she did not give me general answers or told me to just 'come down and get her checked'. She did try to give me possibilities of what it is and what I should be aware of so I can know how to approach the problem or try to resolve it. ( I do believe that this was (Lia Morely - Veterinarian)

The second time I brought in my cat there were many complications. The vet had stepped out due to an emergency about 10 minutes before my appointment and Emily (Receptionist) was more than accommodating in trying to reach me to let me know. She was very understanding when I had to reschedule a few times due to work and has been an absolute joy in dealing with in stressful situations. She welcomes my cat as if it were her own and welcomes us as owners as well. She was very warm and an absolute joy to deal with on the phone and in person. She also remembered my name and my cats name when I came back the next day. It was more than a welcome and I absolutely applaud her customer service.

The fill-in veterinarian (I apologize name escapes me) was also very sweet to my cat when she was checking in on her. Even though she is only filling in while the usual veterinarians are away - she was a joy to have to check up on my cat. Smokey was very stressed already but she was very calm when she came in and she treated her as if it were her own. I couldn't have asked for a better team. Unfortunately I still have yet to deal directly with Dr Morely but I have no doubt that they will be excellent as their staff and clinic is excellent. It is always clean and it is always a warm environment there. I do recommend all to go to this clinic!

Thanks Properties Animal Clinic Team!"

Steve Manktelow

"I have two adult cats that were due for checkups shortly after I moved into northeast Calgary, so I posted a Reddit thread asking for vet recommendations in my area. Dr. Morley was recommended to me a few times. One person said they still drive in from out of town to see Dr. Morley because they prefer him. So, I decided to bring my little guys to Properties.

I found the clinic had convenient hours for me, and we were in and out in good time. The clinic itself was very clean and all the staff - including Dr. Morley - were very friendly, professional and helpful. The place was really calm, which is great for my cats, as they're scared of just about everything. The prices were fair, and I was completely happy with the way everything went.

I had to bring one of my cats in for an emergency treatment after he hurt his paw recently, and the experience was the same - clean, quick, fairly priced... all good. They called me to follow up on the cat's condition shortly after his treatment, which I thought was a nice touch.

Anyway, I'll be going back to Properties and I can easily recommended this place to anyone looking for a good vet in Calgary."

Mary Freed

"I have been taking my two dogs and cat to this clinic for a number of years now.  I have never been disappointed with the staff or the quality of service.  The clinic always calls with reminders of when by animals are due for vaccinations, when their appointment is etc.  There is never a push for additional treatments without speaking with me first.  My pets and I enjoy our visits!  The clinic is always very patient when I bring my two busy boys as well."

Nora Harlos

"I have been going to Dr. Kent Morley for about 17 years. In those years he has looked after 7 dogs and I would never go to another vet. Out of those 7, 4 have gone to doggie heaven and the compassion that is shown from Kent and his staff are unbelievable, they send a sympathy card and make a donation in your pets name. I also bred two of my dogs and I recommended the owners of the pups to Properties Animal Clinic. My 3 dogs now are happy and healthy and all due to the Properties Staff!"

Jennifer Rivard

"I recently took my cat to Properties Animal Clinic to be spayed and I couldn't have been happier with the service.  The staff were very welcoming and informative about the procedure.  They answered all my questions and concerns regarding the surgery and the home care. As this was my first cat I was nervous about the whole ordeal but they were very reassuring and now my cat is home healing up very well.
 I will definitely be coming back with my cat and dog and recommending this clinic to any of my friends who are in need of a new veterinary clinic for their pets."

Devon Clark

"We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Properties Animal Clinic to friends and family. We recently moved to Calgary and adopted a new puppy - we wanted a veterinary team we could trust. We found that trust at Properties Animal Clinic.  In particular - Emily, Shannon, Abby and Dr Morley have made us feel welcome, well informed and confident that our new four-legged child is getting the best care possible.  We never feel rushed, our dog is already known by name and the entire team clearly cares for her well being.  We will be loyal clients of Properties Animal Clinic for as long as we have pets."

Jessica Vincent

"Very reasonable prices and friendly staff. Went there for my first check up with my new kitten, nothing but great service and friendly people !"

Jasmine Griffith

"Dr. Morley is incredibly knowledgable and genuinely had my animal and my interests at heart when he recommended his course of treatment. He gave me several options and fully explained the outcomes of each. He and his staff were very accommodating even though I was late for my appointment and they stayed late, even with an evening appointment, to help. Highly recommend."

Carla Whitehead

"We think Dr Morely and his team are great, always giving us informative options in how to deal with our beloved old cat. When dealing with a furry family member, I would hesitate to recommend the team - caring, kind and knowledgeable.

Appreciated every visit over the years, and so did Mookie."

Melanie Kellow

"Amazing, caring, compassionate and supportive people, wanting only the best for our animal children. I am so glad I decided to come here instead of where I had gone previously."

Joan Rebstock

"Dr. Morley and his staff are wonderful, caring people who go above and beyond to help the pets and their human family who come in to the clinic for whatever reason. Shannon, Abby and Emily do their best to help both pet and parent feel at ease even before they see Dr. Morley. As for him, he works to help even the most nervous animal feel at ease by patting and talking to them while doing his exam. He works with the parent to ensure that their furbaby's health is taken care of and gives suggestions that the parent can follow--he doesn't scold when we don't do it! All the staff do their utmost to help each and every furbaby live a long, healthy and happy life and when that life does come to an end, their empathy helps to ease the pain. If you're looking for a truly great veterinary clinic, look no further. As long as they are in business, we will take our furbabies to visit them."

Jordan Sandham

"Great experience! Very caring & knowledgeable staff."

Pamela Belland

"We had a great experience!"

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